Why train with us,  Let me ask you a few questions first,

Do you want to pass your test quickly 1st time ?

Do you want a honest trainer who will tell you when you are test ready ?

Do you want to be a safe driver once passed and do you want to spend less money in the long run than you are in safe hands.

We give record cards to all pupils which has your appointments in and a chart with every subject needed to pass the driving test and be a safe driver when you do pass,  Each subject as sections you work through on your lessons which include, introduced / talk through/ prompted/ rarely prompted and independent, When you have ticks in all the boxes you know you are ready for that test so after each lesson you know when you are making progress and what you need work on so there is never no confusion on where you are in your driving and if you are still not sure the proof is in the pudding so take a look at our photo gallery and take a look on our Facebook page and you will see many happy pupils on there.

Michelle teaches in the Automatic car.

Michelle as been an instructor for 6 years and most of Michelle's passes are 1st time as you can see in our photo gallery. Michelle gets loads of good feedback which you can read for yourself on our Facebook page.

We specialize in the following,

Part trained
Not had lessons for years
Failed tests
Refresher lessons
Motorway lessons
Nervous driver refresher lessons
Town driving refresher lessons 
Parking refresher lessons, new car refresher lessons, Roundabout refresher lessons, Driving in new area's refresher lessons, international conversion.