Yost Hou 

Rob was extremely patient, friendly and helpful during my driving lessons.
Hollie Tippin Mirfin 

Absolutely excellent driving school. Michelle was a brilliant teacher and i passed in only 4 months with 1 minor. Not only was she a patient and caring instructer but also became a friend which overall made the experience much more fun. Keep it up guys and thank you again :)
Jen Dawson

I'm really not eloquent enought to put into words just how good Michelle is as a driving instructor. She has infinite patience and she's just brilliant! I whole heartedly trust and recommend her. She gets the job done.
Tracey Rowbotham 

Had my provisional for about 15 years and had just resigned myself to not being a 'driver'. Then, purely by chance, I found these guys as I wanted to give it one final shot. I have now been driving for over a year! Not only do they teach you how to be an excellent driver, they teach you how to be confident, courteous and safe whilst on the road. Michelle had infinite patience with me and I went from being a nervous, jibbering wreck to a confident, capable driver who now has the World at her feet :) It was the best decision I ever made to learn with them and I owe them A LOT for getting me there finally :D
Kathryn Fairbank 

highly recommend Team pass driving school to anyone. I was with Rob for 10 weeks and I really wish I had started my lessons with him as he would had saved me a lot off money. Rob was honest with me, and made me feel more confident about my driving and myself, he is a brilliant teacher. Thank you so much xx

Daniella Smith

I was trying to learn to drive for years having big confidence issues and had a couple of instructors from other driving schools that didn't help at all with my nerves. Id decided to give it one last try with Michelle Cooke  as my instructor and ive NEVER looked back !!!! Amazing lady instructor !!!! Michelle has an air of calm about her that's contagious and she has the ability to fill you full of coincidence even when you have none in yourself !! Her constant calm tuition brought me on in leaps and bounds and helped me overcome my fears and become a calm confident person behind the wheel in less than 10 months !!. I would recommend Team Pass Driving School to ANYONE !!!!

Lemese Omar

I'd Never Drove A Car In My Life I Was So Nervous Been In The Car Never Mind Driving It But My Instructor michelle Cooke Adi Made Me Feel So Calm And Relaxed I Love It And Couldn't Wait For My Next Lesson I Recommend This Company Absolutely Amazing

 with Michelle Cooke
Yu Hu

Best driving school in Sheffield! Really pleased with the learning experience! Highly recommended! :-D

Louise Taylor

My learning experience is i have a disabled son and was getting more difficult to use public transport so decided to learn to drive for him and it took me approx 9 months to pass and on 23rd july i have passed one year whith the help of a very patient instructor she had confidence in me even when i didn't believe i could do it, very highly recommend.