What do I need to do before taking lessons?

You cannot drive on the road without a Provisional Driving Licence Photo Card. You can apply for this up to three months before your 17th birthday, by filling in Form D1 which you can get from a local post office or by applying online at  http://www.dvla.gov.uk/

How many hours will i need to pass my test ?

This is a very hard question for any instructor to answer if we have never met you, we might be able to give you a rough idea when we have seen your driving and how quickly you pick driving up as every person is totally different with how they pick driving up, some people come to us total naturals and are ready in as little as 20 hours,  than some will take longer, This also depends on if you have regular lessons or not as if you keep having a few lessons than a few weeks break than this will end up costing you more and it will take you longer to pick driving up so it is important before starting lessons to make sure you are going to be able to have regular weekly lessons.

DSA figures say for automatic learning to dr.ive can take between 30 and 40 hours and with manual between 40 and 50 hours.

Can you help me with the theory test?

Yes we do help with your theory test, When you start lessons with us we will join you up to our free on-line theory and hazard training and we can also do some theory training on your lessons if you need it, Your instructor can also recommend some good training books that will also help with your driving.

What car will i take my test in ?

You will take your test in your instructors car or you can take your test in your own car but must have the right insurance for the test and an extra mirror for the test.

How much does the theory test cost ?

£23 Which can be booked online at GOV.UK

How much will my Practical test cost ?

Week days £62 Which can be booked online at GOV.UK

Weekends £75  Which can be booked online at GOV.UK

You will need to pay your instructor for 2 hours of his time, 1 hour lesson before test and his time while you on test and the drive home so good idea to make sure your ready as its not cheap.

What if I have a medical condition?

You are required to inform the Department if you have a permanent or long-term medical condition that 

may affect your driving even if the symptoms are under control.

You may be asked to: 

1. Undertake a medical assessment with your health professional; or 

2. Undertake a practical driving assessment; or

3. Your licence may be amended requiring you to only drive under certain circumstances; or 

4. Your application may not be affected at all. 

What will happen when i go for my driving test ?

When you go for your driving test you will wait with your instructor in the waiting room of the driving test center, The examiner will call you name when ready and he/she will want to see your provisional driving licences and ask you to sign a form to say you have the proper insurance for the car that you are using for test, Our car is fully insured for lessons and test,  He will than ask you if you would like your instructor to accompany you on the test, this is your choice some pupils have instructor on the test and some don't like to.

The examiner will than lead you out to the car park and ask you to read a number plate at the required distance,  You will than be asked one show me tell me questions in or out of the car and 1 show me question on the move,  your instructor will have taught you, The examiner will than ask you to get in car and make yourself comfy,  The examiner will than ask you to drive on when you are ready giving clear instructions no different to on your lessons,  whilst out on test the examiner will pull you up at some point and start the independent driving part of the test which will last about twenty minutes which may be following a sat nav, following a list of instructions or following road signs,   your instructor will do this with you too, You will also be asked to carry out one of the manoeuvres, bay park reverse in or pull in forward and reverse out, paral park or pulling up on the right and reversing two car lengths back,   If its the bay park reverse in,   you will do this at the start of the test or at the end, The bay park pulling into the space and reversing out may be done in a public carpark,  The examiner may also ask you to do an emergency stop which your instructor will teach you, You will drive on a number of different roads, at the end of the test if you are not doing a bay park the examiner will ask you to pull forward into a space at the test centre or at the side of the car park somewhere where he will ask you to turn your engine off than he will sit quietly for a couple of minutes going through the report.

He will than inform you if you have passed or not and do a debrief on any faults through out the test ( you can choose to have your instructor present for this if you want ) the examiner will ask you at the beginning of the test if you want your instructor present at the end, your instructor will than drive you home what ever your test result as emotions can be running high.